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Industrial Hose & Hydraulics is a leading distributor of major manufacturers offering tubing in both single and bonded designs. Available tubing includes thermoplastic, fluoropolymer, metal, PVC and PTFE.

Our thermoplastic, fluoropolymer and metal tubing provide the widest range of tubing products in the industry and are manufactured to meet or exceed industrial specification requirements of DOT, DIN, ISO, SAE and FDA standards.

Our thermoplastic tubing include: Polyethylene tubing, Nylon tubing,Polypropylene tubing, Polyurethane tubing, PVC tubing, PTFE tubing, Butadiene (nylon) tubing.

We have a wide range of metal tubing which includes Corrugated steel tubing, Metal tubing with jackets, Steel tubing, Stainless steel tubing, Seamless tubing, and Copper tubing.

Our offering of specialty tubing includes Formed tubing, Bundled tubing (insulated bundles for heat trace applications), Multitube, Retractable coil tubing, Hat shrink tubing, and Convoluted tubing.

In addition to the breadth of our tubing standard product lines, tubing can be manufactured to meet special requirements and applications. You can have tubing for custom materials and compounds or get specialty bundled tubing. There is also a line of ultra high purity tubing and products.

We offer tubing that is used in many applications including instrumentation, pneumatic, hydraulic, fuel, fleet, sanitary, air brake, weld, bonded, flame resistant, high-temperature, chemical-resistant and military.

Please view Cat 4660 Parflex Thermoplastic & Fluoropolymer Products Hose, Tubing, Fittings & Accessories (5.0 MB PDF) for the complete product listing.

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