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Suction Hose Couplings for Fire Hoses

For the complete product listing, please view Dixon Product List 2018 (92.2 mb PDF).

King Short Shank Suction Couplings, NPSM Thread

Complete with NPSM Thread

Complete Coupling With NPSM Thread

Complete with NPSM Thread

Steel Complete Coupling with NPSM Thread

Part # Material Component Material Thread Size Product Resources
Dimensional Specs Brochure/Literature
SB93Plated IronBrass nut2-1/2"------
SB78Plated IronBrass nut2"------
SB63Plated IronBrass nut1-1/2"------
SB48Plated IronBrass nut1-1/4"------
SB33Plated IronBrass nut1"------
SB183Plated IronBrass nut6"------
SB168Plated IronBrass nut5"------
SB123Plated IronBrass nut4"------
SB111Plated IronBrass nut3"------
S93Plated IronPlated Iron nut2-1/2"------
S78Plated IronPlated Iron nut2"------
S63Plated IronPlated Iron nut1-1/2"------
S48Plated IronPlated Iron nut1-1/4"S48---
S33Plated IronPlated Iron nut1"------
S183Plated IronPlated Iron nut6"------
S168Plated IronPlated Iron nut5"S168---
S123Plated IronPlated Iron nut4"------
S111Plated IronPlated Iron nut3"------
CSM600Plated SteelPlated Iron nut6"------
CSM400Plated SteelPlated Iron nut4"------
CSM300Plated SteelPlated Iron nut3"------
CSM250Plated SteelPlated Iron nut2-1/2"------
CSM200Plated SteelPlated Iron nut2"------
CSM150Plated SteelPlated Iron nut1-1/2"------
CSM125Plated SteelBrass nut1-1/4"------
CSB600Plated SteelBrass nut6"CSB600---
CSB400Plated SteelBrass nut4"CSB400---
CSB300Plated SteelBrass nut3"CSB300---
CSB250Plated SteelBrass nut2-1/2"CSB250---
CSB200Plated SteelBrass nut2"CSB200---
CSB150Plated SteelBrass nut1-1/2"CSB150---
CSB125Plated SteelBrass nut1-1/4"CSB125---
CBB400BrassBrass nut4"------
CBB300BrassBrass nut3"------
CBB250BrassBrass nut2-1/2"------
CBB200BrassBrass nut2"------
CBB150BrassBrass nut1-1/2"------
CBB125BrassBrass nut1-1/4"------
CAB600AluminumBrass nut6"------
CAB400AluminumBrass nut4"CAB400---
CAB300AluminumBrass nut3"CAB300---
CAB250AluminumBrass nut2-1/2"CAB250---
CAB200AluminumBrass nut2"CAB200---
CAB150AluminumBrass nut1-1/2"CAB150---
Female with NPSM Thread

Female Coupling with NPSM Thread

Female with NPSM Thread

Steel Female Coupling with NPSM Thread

Part # Material Component Material Female Thread Size Product Resources
Dimensional Specs Brochure/Literature
SB62Plated IronBrass nut6"------
SB57Plated IronBrass nut5"------
SB42Plated IronBrass nut4"SB42---
SB38Plated IronBrass nut3"------
SB32Plated IronBrass nut2-1/2"SB32---
SB27Plated IronBrass nut2"SB27---
SB22Plated IronBrass nut1-1/2"SB22---
SB17Plated IronBrass nut1-1/4"------
SB12Plated IronBrass nut1"SB12---
S62Plated IronPlated Iron nut6"------
S57Plated IronPlated Iron nut5"------
S42Plated IronPlated Iron nut4"S42---
S38Plated IronPlated Iron nut3"S38---
S32Plated IronPlated Iron nut2-1/2"S32---
S27Plated IronPlated Iron nut2"S27---
S22Plated IronPlated Iron nut1-1/2"S22---
S17Plated IronPlated Iron nut1-1/4"------
S12Plated IronPlated Iron nut1"S12---
FCSM600Plated SteelPlated Iron nut6"------
FCSM400Plated SteelPlated Iron nut4"------
FCSM300Plated SteelPlated Iron nut3"------
FCSM250Plated SteelPlated Iron nut2-1/2"------
FCSM200Plated SteelPlated Iron nut2"FCSM200---
FCSM150Plated SteelPlated Iron nut1-1/2"------
FCSM125Plated SteelPlated Iron nut1-1/4"------
FCSB600Plated SteelBrass nut6"FCSB600---
FCSB400Plated SteelBrass nut4"FCSB400---
FCSB300Plated SteelBrass nut3"FCSB300---
FCSB250Plated SteelBrass nut2-1/2"FCSB250---
FCSB200Plated SteelBrass nut2"FCSB200---
FCSB150Plated SteelBrass nut1-1/2"FCSB150---
FCSB125Plated SteelBrass nut1-1/4"FCSB125---
FBB400BrassBrass nut4"FBB400---
FBB300BrassBrass nut3"FBB300---
FBB250BrassBrass nut2-1/2"FBB250---
FBB200BrassBrass nut2"FBB200---
FBB150BrassBrass nut1-1/2"FBB150---
FBB125BrassBrass nut1-1/4"------
FAB600AluminumBrass nut6"------
FAB400AluminumBrass nut4"------
FAB300AluminumBrass nut3"------
FAB250AluminumBrass nut2-1/2"------
FAB200AluminumBrass nut2"------
FAB150AluminumBrass nut1-1/2"------
1 to 2 and a half male with NPSM thread

1" - 2½" Male with NPSM thread

3 to 6 male with NPSM thread

3" - 6" Male with NPSM thread

Male with NPSM Thread

Steel Male Coupling with NPSM Thread

Part # Material Male Thread Size Product Resources
Dimensional Specs Brochure/Literature
S60Plated Iron6"------
S55Plated Iron5"------
S40Plated Iron4"S40---
S36Plated Iron3"------
S30Plated Iron2-1/2"S30---
S25Plated Iron2"------
S20Plated Iron1-1/2"------
S15Plated Iron1-1/4"S15---
S10Plated Iron1"------
MCS600Plated Steel6"------
MCS400Plated Steel4"------
MCS300Plated Steel3"------
MCS250Plated Steel2-1/2"------
MCS200Plated Steel2"------
MCS150Plated Steel1-1/2"------
MCS125Plated Steel1-1/4"------

King Short Shank Suction Couplings, NST (NH) Thread

Complete with NST NH Thread

Complete with NST (NH) Thread

Part # Material Component Material Thread Size Product Resources
Dimensional Specs Brochure/Literature
SB93NPlated IronBrass nut2-1/2"------
SB63NPlated IronBrass nut1-1/2"------
S93NPlated IronPlated Iron nut2-1/2"S93N---
S63NPlated IronPlated Iron nut1-1/2"------
CAB250NAluminumBrass nut2-1/2"CAB250N---
CAB150NAluminumBrass nut1-1/2"CAB150N---
BS93NBrassBrass nut2-1/2"------
BS63NBrassBrass nut1-1/2"------
Female with NST NH Thread

Female with NST (NH) Thread

Part # Material Component Material Thread Female Thread Size Product Resources
Dimensional Specs Brochure/Literature
SB32NPlated IronBrass nutNST2-1/2"------
SB22NPlated IronBrass nutNST1-1/2"------
S32NPlated IronPlated Iron nut---2-1/2"S32N---
S22NPlated IronPlated Iron nut---1-1/2"------
FAB250NAluminumBrass nut---2-1/2"FAB250N---
FAB150NAluminumBrass nut---;1-1/2"------
BS32NBrassBrass nut---2-1/2"------
BS22NBrassBrass nut---1-1/2"------
Male with NST NH Thread

Male with NST (NH) Thread

Part # Material Male Thread Size Product Resources
Dimensional Specs Brochure/Literature
S301Plated Iron2-1/2"------
S201Plated Iron1-1/2"S201---